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Sugar Sugar How Now

Title:Sugar Sugar How Now

Disclaimer: I own nothing!

Rating: PG13

Characters: Taeyeon, Sunny, snsd

Pairing(s): Sunyeon, side Jeti

AFF link: www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/689840/sugar-sugar-how-now-snsd-taesun-sunyeon-pg13-suntae-pg13up

The door slams loudly startling Tiffany and Jessica enough for Jessica to jerk her head back and knock it into Tiffany’s nose. The older girl is still planting small kisses on Tiffany’s nose and muttering “sorry with a helpless expression on her face when Sunny drops herself heavily on the loveseat opposite from the small couch the couple is nestled.

-Ugh!- She groans loudly, lolling her head back and dramatically spreading her limbs. The other two girls exchange a look before looking at their weird friend.

-Uh…Did something happen Sunny-ah? –Jessica asked hesitantly, glancing at her girlfriend and then at her friend. After some seconds of silence, Sunny let out another groan and answered, still sprawled on the loveseat.

-I broke up with Sungmin.

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Our Turn Is The Last

Title: Our Turn is The Last

Disclaimer: I own nothing!

Rating: PG

Characters: Taeyeon, Sunny, snsd

Pairing(s): Sunyeon, side Jeti

AFF link: www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/685838/1/

Our Turn is The Last

The wind is dry and cold and bites into her rosy cheeks. She rubs her mitten covered hands against them, so they don’t feel as cold. Despite the weather the kids are all outside, running around, building snowmen, throwing snow balls at each other, making snow angels. She sits by herself, tapping her bright yellow boots against the soft snow. It’s peaceful, and she feels happy until she hears the sound of snow being crushed by feet approach her. A frown adorns her face because she knows who this is.

-Hey weirdo! All alone again?- She huffs and keeps her head low, choosing to ignore Taecyeon’s voice.  Daesung’s giggle is heard along with the insult.

-Hey ugly! I’m talking to you!- He exclaims and pulls one of her pigtails. She lets out an “Ouch!” and is half away into getting up and kicking Taecyeon’s shin when a fourth part joins.

-Yah, snot face! Go bug your grandma!- A little girl, as short as she is with chubby cheeks and piercing eyes marches up to the three of you.  You’ve never saw this girl before, so it’s probably the transfer girl Mrs. Kim said was going to arrive someday this week.

Taecyeon isn’t pleased with the insult, if the way the tips of his ears redden is any way to go.

-Shut up!- When he goes to pull on the short hair on the girl’s head, she turns her face and bites him. Hard. Taecyeon yells and retreats his arms, with tears already pooling in his eyes. She takes advantage of the commotion and kicks Daesung’s shin, making the other boy yelp.

-We’re going to tell our moms!-And they scamper off. Chubby Cheeks huffs and stomps, shaking her little head.

-I could kick them alone.- She states, and Chubby Cheeks is startled by the other girl’s voice. It’s the first time she had said anything.

-Two against one is not fair! –Chubby Cheeks exclaimed, indignant. This reaction causes a small smile in the other girl’s face. Chubby Cheeks was too cute.

– What a head! Mommy always says to introduce myself before making a friend!- Chubby Cheeks slaps her little forehead, and then smiles brightly. – Call me Sunny!

She giggles at the other girl. Too cute indeed. – I’m Taeyeon!

-          -      -

The first girl she has a crush on isn’t Sunny.

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I feel so close to u rn

I feel so close to u rn